Find the Best Water Softener for your Home

Kinetico water softeners are designed to work without power and use little water and salt to operate.

Kinetico Premier Series XP Water Softener.

Kinetico Premier Series


Highest flow rates

Ultra high efficiency

Uninterrupted soft water

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Kinetico Signature Series Water Softener

Kinetico Signature Series


Fully automatic

Ideal for problem water

Outstanding warranty

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Your Whole Home Solution

Bundle Up and Save

Experience softer skin and hair when bathing, sparkling dishes and glassware right out of your dishwasher, brighter laundry, crystal clear ice cubes, and enhanced flavors of coffee, teas, juices and prepared foods.  Save money by extending the service life of your water using appliances and plumbing fixtures.  Spend less time cleaning and enjoy more free time doing the things you love.  Our whole home water treatment bundles are custom designed to your specific water conditions and provide the very best quality water throughout your home or cottage.

Municipal Water

Our custom municipal bundles are designed to provide luxurious softened and filtered, chlorine-free water throughout your home. Experience highly purified water for drinking and cooking with the most advanced water treatment systems in the world.  Lower your environmental impact with Kinetico’s Non-Electric, high- efficiency, certified components.  Save money with our discounted custom bundles designed for you.  Bundle up and save!

Kinetico whole home illustration.

Rural Well Water

Our rural well water bundles are custom designed for your water, to eliminate any problems and provide peace of mind, knowing that you have clean, safe water throughout your home for you and your family.  Enjoy your water as it should be free of unpleasant tastes and unwanted contaminants.   Our discounted water treatment bundles will not only resolve your water issues but will save you money.  Bundle up and save!