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It begins with Kinetico's philosophy to produce the highest quality, lowest maintenance, most efficient water conditioners and drinking water products, without electricity. Kinetico has engineered products that are innovative, user friendly and responsive to the ever changing needs of customers throughout the world.


Kinetico water treatment products offer technological advantages and benefits that are unmatched in the industry.  Softeners and filters are totally non-electric and harness the power of flowing water to operate.  They are the most environmentally responsible and more energy efficient than any other system available.

True Demand Initiated Regeneration

Kinetico water softeners and filters do not use timers and electronics to approximate regeneration.  They meter water with watch-like precision and regenerate only when actual water usage demands it resulting in less waste.

Conditioned Water Regeneration

Unlike electric systems Kinetico water softeners clean themselves with conditioned water during regeneration and are able to provide treated water to the home while doing so.  They also utilize a process called counter-current regeneration whereby they clean themselves from the bottom up for more efficient use of softener media.  Kinetico softeners use up to 70% less salt and water than wasteful electric units and can regenerate in as little as 11 minutes.

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