Here at Pioneer Water Conditioning we have an eye towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. Kinetico products play a very important role in achieving our commitment to you. Kinetico systems utilize a unique technology that requires no electricity to operate, raising the bar in the water treatment industry. Kinetico’s innovative technology captures the energy of moving water to provide simple hands-free water treatment. Superior technology, fully automatic operation, no-nonsense warranties, performance validated and certified to exceed industry standards.

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"The future is sustainable."


We strive to be an organization that demonstrates through our actions and to uphold a professional code of conduct, where we deliver proper representation of products and services. This means that we make every effort to meet your unique needs, nothing more, nothing less. We keep abreast of current water treatment policy and adhere to the Water Quality Association Code of Ethics: a third party professional certification authority.


We are a dedicated group of experienced and qualified staff ready to help you solve your water treatment needs.


We endeavor to perform our installations as we would in our own homes, with quality plumbing and in a professional manner that makes sense. We understand it is very important to you that your equipment be installed neat and orderly.


Total client satisfaction. Professional code of conduct. Proper representation of products and services. Our passion is water and our commitment to our customers. Everyone has the right to water that is safe and clean. Our purpose is to supply our customers with unparalleled service and efficient solutions.

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"Superior Products and Service"

McCroden Family Peterborough County

"Good Products, Good People, Good Company, Good Future"

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"Excellent Installation"

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Have water quality questions? Give us a call or drop by our showroom. Our water quality analysis is free with no obligation to you.


827 Ward Street, Unit 2
Bridgenorth, ON
K0L 1H0
Tel. 705-292-7777
Map showing location of Pioneer Water Conditioning 827 Ward Street North, Bridgenorth Ontario.


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