Find the Best Water Softener for your Home

Kinetico water softeners are designed to work without power and use little water and salt to operate.

Kinetico Premier Series XP Water Softener.

Kinetico Premier Series


  • Highest flow rates
  • Ultra high efficiency
  • Uninterrupted soft water

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Kinetico Signature Series Water Softener

Kinetico Signature Series


  • Full automatic
  • Ideal for problem water
  • Outstanding warranty

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Kinetico Essential Gold Water Softener

Kinetico Essential Series


  • Budget-friendly
  • Rapid regeneration
  • Very low salt use

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Find Your Whole Home Solution

A Kinetico whole home water treatment system combines a water softener, which treats the "working water" you use for things like cleaning and laundry, with a Kinetico drinking water system, which treats the water you drink and cook with. It's an effective, reliable solution that ensures great water for your home, everywhere and anytime.

Municipal Water

Chlorine free, softened, household water at every tap and highly purified drinking water eliminating unpleasant tastes and odors of municipal water.

Kinetico whole home illustration.

We'll design a Whole Home water system for your needs.

Rural Well Water

Luxurious softened water throughout the home and purified drinking water free of unwanted contaminants and unpleasant tastes.

Kintetico K5 Drinking Water System

Kinetico's K5 Drinking Water Station®, our best reverse osmosis system, includes unique features and is customizable to suit your specific treatment needs.

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Kinetico Dechlorinators provide chlorine-free water to every faucet in your home, while protecting your water softener from the harsh effects of chlorine.

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Sulfur Guard Backwashing Filter

Kinetico's Sulfur Guard™ Backwashing Filter is an effective and easy solution for removing hydrogen sulfide (aka, sulfur) from water.

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Macrolite Backwashing Filter

Kinetico's twin-tank Macrolite® Backwashing Filter uses a proprietary media to effectively filter water and reduce turbidity with virtually no required maintenance.

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Ultraviolet Sterilization

Ultraviolet Sterilization is a efficient way to sterilize water without the use of chemicals.

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Other Solutions

Whatever your water problem, we have a solution including electric options like:

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