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Welcome to Pioneer Water Conditioning

Our Values and Philosophy

We believe that everyone has the right to water that is safe, clear and clean.  Our sole purpose is to supply our customers with unparalleled service and water solutions that make sense.  We also believe it is very important to do so with the latest proven  innovative technology, and with an eye towards sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our passion is water and our commitment is to our customers and the communities where they live; to be the educators, a trusted source for answers and information. We are  always available and responsive to your needs.

Our focus is not to simply sell a product, but to build long term relationships with our customers  and to only provide them with water treatment solutions that resolve their water issues.

Our Promise
We promise our customers that we’ll offer only real solutions to all their concerns about water and to stand by our promises to provide worry-free water solutions.   Our customers are our number one priority.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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The Telfords

"Less Water. Less Salt."

It’s been almost a year now since our Kinetico water softener was installed and we are more than satisfied with its performance. Not only does it use much less water than our old softener to regenerate, but far less salt as well. The original salt included in the installation has not yet been used up. With two young boys showering and one to two loads of laundry being an every day occurrence, we highly recommend Pioneer Water Conditioning as they have solved all our water problems.

 - Telford Family

McConnell Family

"Good Products, Good People"

Because of the size of our family and having limited water supply, we needed a system that was water efficient. We did have an electric system from a major company, but it was a big headache. It needed so much water to regenerate and it kept draining our dug well, still not giving us our soft water. We had it returned, but we still needed a conditioner.

Pioneer Water Conditioning was recommended to me by a well driller who knew of my water condition. I got in contact with Ted Bidiuk and David Rewniak, who came to our house immediately and did a water analysis. We bought the system and just love it. We have never run out of water, our dishes and clothes are cleaner and our skin feels so much softer.

Dave and Ted are great people who believe in their product and so do I . I would highly recommend the product and if Kinetico people are like these two guys, they will be in business for a long time.

 - Thank You, The McConnells

McCrodan Family

"Excellent Installation"

We would recommend a Kinetico water softener for the following reasons:

  • Soft water 24 hours per day without interruption,
  • Trouble-free operation since we purchased our Kinetico softener 5 years ago,
  • No mineral build-up on our sinks, faucet and shower stalls,
  • A significant reduction in soaps and detergents,
  • A 60% - 75% reduction in salt used compared to our previous rented water softener,
  • We operate our home with three low producing wells,
  • Our Kinetico water softener only uses 9 gallons of water to regenerate whereas our previous water softener used significantly more,
  • Excellent installation by Pioneer Water Conditioning!

- B. McCrodan